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Allow our operations team to match you with your ideal tutor. We will use your registration information to make the best match based on your academic strengths and weaknesses, your schedule, and your location--the more detailed information you provide, the better we can meet your needs. Not all tutors are available on all days or at all locations. Tutor introductions are meant to give you a glimpse into the teaching style of each tutor and are not all inclusive of their merits. Suffice it to say that company owners Brian and Caitlin Stewart would be 100% comfortable with their own children working with any of these outstanding educators.

Tutor Introductions


Michal, a licensed Ohio teacher, is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Capital University. Michal is also our in-house college admissions counselor, having completed graduate work in college admissions at UCLA. Michal’s outstanding abilities to craft engaging lessons and break down concepts step-by-step earned her the faculty award for the best Capital senior in the field of adolescent education. Michal has worked with hundreds of students in a variety of settings, from the AP World History classrooms of Central Ohio to the English-language learning classrooms of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, writing tutoring, AP History tutoring, AP Language tutoring, AP Literature tutoring, college admissions help, college scholarship search, and college essay help.

Michal is highly motivated. She is open and friendly and has a very pleasant demeanor... She has a strong work ethic and [is] always punctual.


Michal has been enthusiastic in engaging students to be active thinkers. She is an intelligent, articulate, mature, and genuine individual. I firmly believe that her talents will lead to many positive encounters [with students].



Doug is an experienced educator who teaches philosophy at several area colleges. He has a background in mechanical engineering and also holds two masters degrees. Doug impressively earned a perfect score on both the writing and math sections of the GRE. He takes a calm, measured approach to teaching, making all students feel secure, and delivers even the most difficult academic material in an accessible way.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring; math tutoring; AP Calculus tutoring; AP Statistics tutoring; GRE tutoring; SAT Tutoring; chemistry, physics, and science tutoring.

[Doug] really loves what he does and it definitely shows when he is teaching or discussing with his students. He encourages participation without being overbearing and he is never dismissive of a student’s viewpoint, even if it is totally irrational. He is probably the best teacher I’ve ever had at OU. He makes complicated ideas seem simple and easy to understand, and he helps his students think critically about issues, which is an important and useful skill.

~Ohio University Student

Really enjoyed the class. [Doug] was always willing to help and answer questions if we had any. Would recommend him to future students.

~Zane State Student


Sarah has several years of experience in higher education as an administrator, risk management director, and educational consultant. While she has a degree from OSU in molecular genetics and an advanced nursing degree, perhaps her strongest attribute is her ability to communicate complex ideas in a patient, down-to-earth way. Whether it’s presenting at national higher educational conferences or working with a student one on one, Sarah has consistently received excellent feedback on her instructional abilities.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, writing tutoring, science tutoring, college essay help.

Sarah is an intelligent and hard working person who is dedicated to her students. I have had excellent experiences learning from her. She is able to explain concepts in ways that are easy to understand and will work with you until you have mastered it. She also has great interpersonal skills. You will definitely enjoy working with her!


Sarah's strong communication skills and approachable attitude allow her to quickly connect and adapt to each student's needs ensuring they perform to the best of their ability. Sarah provides a safe and fun environment that allows for students to ask questions comfortably as well as the patience to ensure they understand the material before moving on to the next topic.



Hannah is a school-based occupational therapist. Hannah developed many of our original free test preparation resources, and worked with Brian to develop original material for Barron’s ACT® and other books. Hannah has a Masters in Occupational Therapy from The Ohio State University and was graduated summa cum laude from Capital University. Hannah enjoys meeting the educational needs of students, no matter their starting point.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, students with special needs, writing tutoring, college essay tutoring.

Hannah's approachability makes her especially gifted at connecting with students. Her light-hearted manner makes tutoring an enjoyable experience while her dedication and commitment to education ensures her students perform to the best of their ability.


Hannah is an enthusiastic leader in an instructional setting. She has the critical thinking ability and interpersonal skills to get to the heart of how students are thinking, minimizing their anxiety and optimizing their analytical talent.



Nick is earning his middle childhood studies certification in mathematics and science at the Ohio State University. Prior to coming to BWS, Nick served in the Marine Corps as an Electronic Intelligence Officer. With skills ranging from combat first aid to code breaking to mentoring other Marines and liaising between countries’ militaries, Nick has the focus, resolve, and interpersonal skills to motivate a wide range of students to achieve their personal best.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring; SAT tutoring; math tutoring; biology tutoring; chemistry tutoring; writing tutoring.

Nick is an amazing math teacher; he was able to explain trigonometry in a new way that actually made sense. Nick radiates a genuine excitement for academics that is highly contagious. I never thought I would enjoy doing math until meeting with him.


Growing up with eight siblings, Nick has learned the careful art of accepting every student for who they are, while also pushing them to be who they want to be. His raw talent for teaching, as well as extensive experience, puts him in a league of his own.



Neha is a pre-med student at Vanderbilt University and is primarily available for online instruction. Neha scored a perfect 36 on the ACT and earned a National Merit Scholarship based on her PSAT and SAT performance. Neha has a wide range of instructional and mentoring experience, having worked with students through Math Counts, OSU, COSI, and the Buddy Up program.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring; SAT tutoring; math tutoring; science tutoring.

Neha has an outstanding work ethic, is very personable, and has a fantastic ability to discuss and teach academic concepts in a relatable and enjoyable manner.


Her overall view about life and career choices are very encouraging and inspirational. I think she has qualities that will lead her to many positive directions in life.



Lydia studied Mathematics and English Education at The Ohio State University, where she was awarded a full tuition scholarship. Prior to her work with BWS, Lydia had several years of teaching experience as a private tutor, a university teaching assistant, and a camp educational director. Lydia loves working with students from all backgrounds, and is especially talented with English-Language learners.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring; SAT tutoring; math tutoring; French tutoring; writing tutoring.

Lydia is such a friendly and personable teacher. Her bubbly demeanor made it easy to open up and ask embarrassing questions. I would recommend her to anyone with social or test anxiety.


Lydia’s personality is what sets her apart from most tutors. On top of clearly having the knowledge base, she has an amazing ability to connect with her students and find ways to make it work with each one. It always seemed like we were moving forward in my math ability when she helped.



Katie is an honors graduate in biology from the Ohio State University, where she specialized in forensic biology. In addition to her tutoring work with BWS, Katie conducts acarology research (the study of mites). Katie has a unique combination of subject-matter expertise and extraordinary patience.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, biology tutoring, and writing tutoring.

Katie is amazing teacher. Whenever I struggle with topics, Katie always takes my progress seriously and clearly puts forth effort to explain things in a relatable way. Even when my questions are silly, I never feel dumb talking to her. Katie’s encouraging and low stress teaching style is perfect for my needs.


Katie has an outstanding work ethic that is complementary to her friendly personality. Her passion for knowledge is very evident when she is working with others. I cannot think of anyone who would be more fit for this position!



Minh is currently a medical student at Ohio State University, where previously he earned his Bachelor’s in Mathematical Biology. Minh boasts impressive academic credentials: perfect scores on the ACT and the American Mathematics Competition test, and independent research on blood viscosity testing alternatives. Minh has received consistently excellent feedback from his tutoring students over the years for his patience, compassion, and empathy.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, MCAT tutoring, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, calculus, statistics.

Minh, is not only a great tutor, but an amazing human being. If Minh were not present at the unit I would have failed Calculus I. I am a slow learner and this did not deter Minh from offering his guidance every time that I requested it. He is an outstanding tutor and a genuine person and I am truly grateful that he spends his time with us.

~Anonymous OSU Student Survey

Minh is by far my favorite tutor at the unit. He is probably one of the smartest people I have ever met and knows a lot about physics, calculus, and chemistry. If we could have 12 Minhs at the unit, that would be awesome.

~Anonymous OSU Student Survey


Julia has a B.S. in Zoology from the Ohio State University. Julia developed her teaching craft through several years of leading educational workshops at the Columbus, Ohio and Tampa, Florida Zoos, in addition to her work in central Ohio classrooms. Julia is a patient, nurturing mentor whose love for learning is contagious.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring; math tutoring; biology tutoring; science tutoring; writing tutoring.

Julia is extremely passionate about educating others and it really shows in her teaching. She excels at adjusting her teaching methods and explanations to fit the student's needs while also creating a fun learning environment.


Julia is a dynamic instructor who is able to connect and relate with students in a unique way. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help. Julia's hardworking nature is evident in every session. I strongly recommend Julia to any student looking to advance their knowledge and study skills!



Sravya has studied Human Development and Family Science with a specialization in pre-med at the Ohio State University. Sravya has an extensive and diverse instructional background, having worked as a teaching assistant at OSU, a trainer for research interns at a colorectal cancer research lab, and a tutor for at-risk students. No matter the teaching situation--working with youth, teens, or adults--Sravya has the talent to improvise and optimize learning outcomes.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring; SAT tutoring; math tutoring; chemistry tutoring.

Sravya is outstanding – she’s very interested in education, great with peers and students, and is patient.


Sravya is very conscientious and organized. She meticulously plans her instruction to meet a student's specific learning needs.