College consulting can be as short or in-depth as needed to meet the student’s individual needs. These prices are in effect for the remainder of calendar year 2019. You can sign up for our college consulting services using our secure online registration form. Here is an overview of our options (scroll down for more details):

Hourly College Consulting with Michal Strawn – $90/hour

Hourly consulting is most helpful to students who want to plan their high school career, talk about course offerings, address resume building, just ask a few questions, or get help on one specific thing. Outside research is not supported in the hourly fee.

Hourly consulting with Michal could include:

  • High school course planning and resume building
  • Essay help
  • Application help and advice
  • College list building and advice
  • Scholarship guidance
  • Interview skills

Hourly College Consulting with Brian Stewart – $180/hour

Company President and founder Brian Stewart has limited availability for individual hourly college consultations.

Hourly college consulting with Brian could include:

  • College essay brainstorming
  • Collge essay editing
  • College interview preparation

College Consulting Packages with Michal Strawn

Both the Limited and Comprehensive Packages take students through the full college consulting program and include access to our unique online resources. In your complimentary planning session, your family and Michal will determine the best way to allocate your package hours and each student’s course will be designed especially for them. Packages should begin no earlier than August of the junior year.

  • Building a college list: At the end of junior year or beginning of senior year, Michal will help students zero in on what exactly they want in a school and help them find schools that fit.
  • Application and essay help: Michal will review any applications and essays and give feedback.
  • Timeline building and reminders: Michal will send out reminders for key due dates.
  • Financial aid: Michal will make sure that students know the process to fill out the FAFSA and CSS (if applicable).
  • Scholarship search: Michal will help students look for scholarships, introduce them to key search engines, and give feedback on applications.
  • Decision time: When it is time to make a decision, Michal will meet with students and families, go over pros and cons, and make sure they are fully equipped to make the best choice.
  • Stress relief: Through the duration of your package, Michal will be available via email to answer questions and give information to help the entire process go smoothly.

Limited Package with Michal Strawn – 10 hours, $900

  • Complimentary 30-minute planning session
  • Package is slightly student driven and will focus on areas of most need. Depending on allocation, not every topic may be covered in the Limited Package. Some time may be used for research and revisions.
  • Option to upgrade to Comprehensive Package (if space is available)
  • Register for the limited package using our secure online registration form.

Comprehensive Package with Michal Strawn – 25 hours, $2250

  • Complimentary 1-hour planning session
  • Complimentary ACT Turbo Class
  • Increased time to address college applications, scholarships, and college tours
  • Ideal for students with special circumstances or great anxiety about the college planning process
  • Some time may be used for research and revisions.
  • Michal will generally be available by email (during business hours) to answer questions and provide reassurance.
  • Limited to eight students per admissions cycle
  • Register for the comprehensive package using our secure online registration form.