What if I don’t live in Columbus, Ohio?

No problem! With our video conferencing software, Socrates, Michal or Brian can bring our college consulting program to you, wherever you are.

What type of student will hourly college consulting benefit?

Hourly consulting is most helpful to students who want to plan their high school career, talk about course offerings, address resume building, just ask a few questions, or get help on one specific thing. Outside research is not supported in the hourly fee.

Do I have to keep track of our package hours?

The college consultant will keep track of hours in our college consulting computer program. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all the hours are used. We will let you know when you are getting close to running out of hours.

What happens if we run out of time and want more help?

Students using the Limited Package may upgrade to the Comprehensive Package at a pro-rated rate (if space allows). Students using the Comprehensive Package may purchase additional hours.

Do our hours include time besides face-to-face time?

Yes. Certain tasks like essay and application review and college research will not be conducted face-to-face, but do count towards package hours.

If I purchase a comprehensive package, how do I set up a Turbo Class?

Take a look at our upcoming ACT Turbo Class Calendar and simply let us know which class you would like to take. We will take care of the rest.

Are college admission and scholarship awards guaranteed?

Due to the increasingly competitive nature of college admissions and scholarship contests, no student can be assured of admission to any particular college or university or selection for scholarship awards. BWS Education Consulting and its consultants do not guarantee admission to any particular college or university, and do not guarantee awards for scholarships.

When do my hours expire?

The hours are valid from the date of payment through May 1 of senior year (decision day).

What are the policies for your college consulting program?

All of our tutoring and college consulting policies can be found here: www.bwseducationconsulting.com/policies.