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What makes Socrates unique?

The name “Socrates” epitomizes the ideal learning experience: rich in dialogue, questioning, and deep understanding. Our Socrates online learning system takes virtual instruction to the next level, allowing students everywhere to benefit from the world-renowned expertise of BWS Education. Socrates offers:

  • Private and secure videoconferencing
  • No special software or downloads required; the system is entirely browser-based
  • Whiteboard sharing technology to easily demonstrate math and science problems
  • Access to our online library of teaching resources
  • Effortless screen-sharing of documents for editing and review
Socrates Screenshot

Is online tutoring as effective as in-person tutoring?

Absolutely. We have been offering online tutoring for many years, during which time we have fine-tuned and perfected our delivery platform. With the shift to the Digital SAT, online tutoring is an excellent option as it enables the tutor and student to use the same computer-based format as the Digital SAT.  

Can I see a demonstration of Socrates in action?

Absolutely! Take a look at Brian Stewart using Socrates screen-sharing and white board technology to demonstrate trigonometry concepts:

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Who could benefit from virtual instruction via Socrates?

Anyone who would like to have tutoring in the convenience of his or her home and at flexible times will find our Socrates learning platform a great option. These students in particular can benefit:

  • Anyone in the world who would like to benefit from our proven track record, but lives outside of Columbus, Ohio
  • Students preparing for the Digital SAT and Digital ACT
  • Athletes with full practice schedules
  • Students who would prefer not to drive
  • Boarding school students
  • Those who are easily distracted by people and noises in public meeting places
  • Students interested in a mixture of in-person tutoring and virtual tutoring to maximize their scheduling options

Need to Get Enrolled in Online Tutoring Classes?

All students who enroll in online tutoring will have access to the Socrates online learning system for their tutoring sessions.