BWS Education Consulting provides a boutique educational experience to clients in the Central Ohio area and around the world. We offer the best instruction coupled with the most cutting-edge practice materials.

BWS Education ConsultingOur Competitors
Interactive, Socratic-style Teaching with Proven Strategies

The best teaching is inherently flexible, changing and responding to the needs of the student. No individual tutoring session or group class we do is the same as another, because all students have different strengths and weaknesses. This adaptive style of teaching only can be done by instructors with thousands of hours in working with students, during which time they have perfected the ways that they explain concepts.
Canned, “From a Manual” Teaching

Inexperienced teachers must follow a script, unable to respond to unexpected questions or unusual situations. Each class or tutoring session involves a “one-size-fits-all” approach. This type of teaching can be done by hourly instructors who can follow instructions, but don’t have the skill or experience to change as the situation demands.
Proven Real Results

Our testimonials and results are based on actual ACT and SAT scores from before and after working with us. We use PreACT, PSAT, ACT and SAT results as our diagnostic tools.
Advertised Results Often From Artificially Tough Diagnostic Tests

Many large test prep companies use the deceptive practice of making their diagnostic tests much harder than the actual test in order to (1) make you sign up for thousands of dollars in classes and tutoring and (2) make you think that scores have vastly improved due to their help. Please see this news article for more information.
Whole Student Focus

We realize that students have two ultimate goals: earning admission to the university of their choice and maximizing scholarship dollars. We look holistically at a student’s situation, making sure that a student doesn’t focus so much on test preparation that other aspects of a student’s eventual college application will be lacking, such as proper course load and extracurricular activities. We can help parents navigate through the maze of securing extended time accommodations, should that be necessary. Finally, if there is a question we cannot address ourselves, we have a network of professionals – former principals, psychologists, guidance counselors – with whom we can put you in touch.
Test Prep in Isolation

Student needs with respect to the entirety of their educational development are not addressed – only testing, testing and more testing. Parents are led to believe that high test scores alone are the key to elite college admissions, which often leads them to ignore the big picture.
Will Not and Do Not Oversell

We pledge to only recommend the instructional package that is actually needed, whether it be 2-3 months of intensive tutoring, or just a Turbo Workshop. We do no long-term contracts or commitments. Although we are not cheap, we provide the best educational value of anyone in the Central Ohio area and around the world.
Talk You Into Huge Package Deals

With large companies, every student “needs” a multi-week class or 30-40 hours of tutoring. This can quickly escalate to thousands and thousands of dollars spent, even though it may be far more time and money than necessary.
No Bogus Guarantees

What we guarantee is this: we will give our students all of the energy and test preparation expertise that we have so that when they walk into that test room they will have the confidence in their strategies and abilities to do the best they can on their high-stakes assessment. In all our years of business, we have yet to have anyone ask for a refund because we get it right the first time.
“Guaranteed” to Get More Ineffective Training

Although the “score guarantee” has been a successful marketing tool for the big guys, it’s not really much of a guarantee. Look closely at the fine print, and you’ll see what you get if your student doesn’t go up 200 points: more classroom prep sessions! Which is, of course, exactly what every student wants when the classroom prep was unsuccessful the first time around.
Highest Legal and Ethical Standards

The test preparation materials we have students use are either ones we have authored or legally acquired samples of previous tests. We will help students brainstorm and edit their college essays; we will never write an essay for a student. We help students master the skills necessary to perform well in their school subjects; we will not do homework for a student. Our clients never need to worry that they will appear in a news story about corrupt tutoring practices.
“Ripped from the Headlines”

Test prep materials may be reprints of books or previous tests, in violation of copyright laws. Tutors may help students violate ethical standards by doing homework for them, hurting the students’ long-term academic development. Tutors may author college essays on behalf of students, putting the students’ college applications at risk if the plagiarism is discovered.