BWS Education Company President Brian Stewart is the author of several test preparation books with Barron’s Educational Series:

Brian wrote these books not just for international publication, but so that he and his staff would have the very best material to use with their students. For example, the ACT books set a new standard in ACT test prep in several ways:

  • All passages and questions were written in a way that doesn’t just replicate what the ACT has done in the past, but anticipates what the ACT currently is and will become in the future.
  • All science and reading passages were crafted from scratch, rather than taken from existing sources, in order to give students the most rigorous possible preparation.
  • Each chapter has practice passages and questions of gradually increasing difficulty so that students can challenge themselves in the most appropriate way.
  • Even though the book has over 2,000 practice questions and 800 pages, Brian threw out hundreds of questions he had written that ended up not meeting his standards.
  • The passages and questions were screened by hundreds of students in Brian’s classes and tutoring before going into publication. Students gave Brian invaluable feedback that enabled him to ensure that the questions all have definitive answers, and that the materials replicate what students will actually see on test day.

Anyone can go online and claim to offer “ACT and SAT Tutoring.” When you prepare with BWS, you can be confident knowing that our strategies and materials have been recognized for their excellence by the top test preparation publisher in the world.