As more and more schools announce that they’ll be shifting students online for at least the first few weeks of the fall semester, parents are once again trying to find a way to balance their work schedules with their student’s at-home schooling. Many schools have switched their methods of distance learning from what they were doing in the spring to a more intensive program now that it seems apparent that distance learning may be necessary for quite some time. In addition, many parents who were working from home in the spring have now returned to their offices leaving older students to work on their own for large portions of the day.

For many students, this will prove a sizeable challenge. Middle and high school students often are not known for being able to self-pace, get ahead of a schedule, stay motivated, and reach out for help when it is needed. With distance learning many teachers may be less available to individual students for questions or concerns; students may fall behind in subjects they don’t enjoy or may slip through the cracks entirely until the end of the semester reveals that weren’t able to keep up.

What students ideally need is someone who can work with them fairly regularly to explain new content, check in on assignment progress, and communicate to parents where improvements need to be made. To that end, some parents and groups of parents across the country are hiring educators to come into their homes and monitor their students’ progress. However, many feel that bringing an outside person into their homes is unsafe and that hiring a full time educator is excessive when the school will be providing the content and lessons.

The solution, then, is check-up education, completed online, with a tutor or educator who can, from a distance, help students stay on track. BWS is offering online tutoring this fall to help with this need. We have tutors who can meet with students daily, weekly, or anything in between, to assist with content and pacing for students in middle and high school. Having these one-on-one meetings with someone besides a parent motivates students to stay on task; it establishes a regular schedule for them; it creates accountability in a system where there might otherwise be none; it ensures that students have their questions answered even when teachers are busy and parents are at work. Most importantly, it happens remotely to keep students safe.

If you’re interested in us setting up a program that would work for your student and his or her needs, please reach out to us at

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