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Allow our operations team to match you with your ideal tutor. We will use your registration information to make the best match based on your academic strengths and weaknesses, your schedule, and your location--the more detailed information you provide, the better we can meet your needs. Not all tutors are available on all days or at all locations. Tutor introductions are meant to give you a glimpse into the teaching style of each tutor and are not all inclusive of their merits. Suffice it to say that company owners Brian and Caitlin Stewart would be 100% comfortable with their own children working with any of these outstanding educators.

Tutor Introductions


Doug is an experienced educator who teaches philosophy at several area colleges. He has a background in mechanical engineering and also holds two masters degrees. Doug impressively earned a perfect score on both the writing and math sections of the GRE. He takes a calm, measured approach to teaching, making all students feel secure, and delivers even the most difficult academic material in an accessible way.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring; math tutoring; AP Calculus tutoring; AP Statistics tutoring; GRE tutoring; SAT Tutoring; chemistry, physics, and science tutoring.

[Doug] really loves what he does and it definitely shows when he is teaching or discussing with his students. He encourages participation without being overbearing and he is never dismissive of a student’s viewpoint, even if it is totally irrational. He is probably the best teacher I’ve ever had at OU. He makes complicated ideas seem simple and easy to understand, and he helps his students think critically about issues, which is an important and useful skill.

~Ohio University Student

Really enjoyed the class. [Doug] was always willing to help and answer questions if we had any. Would recommend him to future students.

~Zane State Student


Hannah is a graduate student in occupational therapy at Ohio State University. She has experience working with a wide range of ability levels, including students with special needs. Hannah developed the entire GED curriculum for and worked with Brian to develop original material for Barron’s ACT®. In addition, Hannah graduated summa cum laude from Capital University. Hannah is a natural at making implicit concepts explicit and ensuring students build solid foundational skills.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, students with special needs, writing tutoring, GED tutoring, OGT tutoring, college essay tutoring.

Hannah's approachability makes her especially gifted at connecting with students. Her light-hearted manner makes tutoring an enjoyable experience while her dedication and commitment to education ensures her students perform to the best of their ability.


Hannah is an enthusiastic leader in an instructional setting. She has the critical thinking ability and interpersonal skills to get to the heart of how students are thinking, minimizing their anxiety and optimizing their analytical talent.



Andrew has considerable teaching and test prep experience, including working with English language learners. He is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Muskingum University where he studied Spanish and political science. Andrew himself scored in the 99.9th percentile on the ACT, and a 770 on the GMAT. While Andrew is able to perform extraordinarily complex math without the aid of a calculator, his most impressive intellectual gift is his ability to customize his explanations based on the needs and interests of his students.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, GMAT tutoring, LSAT tutoring, GRE tutoring, Spanish tutoring, writing tutoring, English tutoring, general math tutoring

Andrew's intelligence and communication skills helped him to quickly grasp new concepts and find solutions.


Andrew is extremely bright in all the areas of the ACT. He has a keen mathematical mind and some of his skills border on those of a savant. He has an engaging personality and cares deeply about the well-being of others. He is an excellent listener, a skill that is vital to teaching. He could engage in resource development for test materials and explanations.



Mercedez is a graduate student in English at Indiana University. She is an accomplished scholar who has published in several literary magazines and newspapers, has edited Senatorial campaign speeches, and pursues her research interests in early 20th century comparative literature. Mercedez also earned a full undergraduate scholarship to Ohio State University. She is known for perfecting students’ study skills and teaching them to study smarter, not harder.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, GRE tutoring, writing tutoring, AP English tutoring, college/graduate school application review, college/graduate school essay tutoring, college/graduate school interview preparation.

I first sent my son to Mercedez for help with geometry. She changed his attitude from ‘I’m not good at math so why try?’ to ‘Math is something I can work at just like anything else.’ Since then, his study skills have improved significantly in every subject and we have contacted Mercedez again for help with college essay writing. I tell every parent whose child needs extra help about her!


Thank you again for your time and attention with our son. He has learned more of a foundation in English, over six weeks with you, than he has all year in school.



Sarah has several years of experience in higher education as an administrator, risk management director, and educational consultant. While she has a degree from OSU in molecular genetics, perhaps her strongest attribute is her ability to communicate complex ideas in a patient, down-to-earth way. Whether it’s presenting at national higher educational conferences or working with a student one on one, Sarah has consistently received excellent feedback on her instructional abilities.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, writing tutoring, science tutoring, college essay help.

Sarah is an intelligent and hard working person who is dedicated to her students. I have had excellent experiences learning from her. She is able to explain concepts in ways that are easy to understand and will work with you until you have mastered it. She also has great interpersonal skills. You will definitely enjoy working with her!


Sarah's strong communication skills and approachable attitude allow her to quickly connect and adapt to each student's needs ensuring they perform to the best of their ability. Sarah provides a safe and fun environment that allows for students to ask questions comfortably as well as the patience to ensure they understand the material before moving on to the next topic.



Katie is working towards her Ph.D. in Mathematics at Ohio State, and is an honors graduate from Notre Dame. For students who wonder about real-world math applications, Katie can share how she developed probabilistic models of national defense interest in her work for the National Security Agency. No matter if she is tutoring a high school student in calculus or briefing the director of the NSA on her research, she is always confident, and never impatient.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring; SAT tutoring; Math Tutoring, including algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics

Katie was an awesome and funny TA who understood all of the math and was able to explain it in ways that really helped my class succeed on the midterm. I wish all of my TA's were this helpful.

~Anonymous OSU Student Evaluation

Katie is and will be the best TA I've ever had. She was friendly, kind, helpful, easy to communicate with, and a math major (so she was extremely knowledgeable). Even the toughest concepts in lecture she was able to explain in recitation very clearly. A+ I will miss her next semester.

~Anonymous OSU Student Evaluation


Michal, a licensed Ohio teacher, is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Capital University. Michal’s outstanding abilities to craft engaging lessons and break down concepts step-by-step earned her the faculty award for the best Capital senior in the field of adolescent education. Michal has worked with hundreds of students in a variety of settings, from the AP World History classrooms of Central Ohio to the English-language learning classrooms of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, writing tutoring, AP History tutoring, AP Language tutoring, AP Literature tutoring, college essay help.

Michal is highly motivated. She is open and friendly and has a very pleasant demeanor... She has a strong work ethic and [is] always punctual.


Michal has been enthusiastic in engaging students to be active thinkers. She is an intelligent, articulate, mature, and genuine individual. I firmly believe that her talents will lead to many positive encounters [with students].



Josh is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the Ohio State University, where he majored in biology. Josh’s diverse instructional and mentoring background includes work with high school students, mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters, explaining challenging genetics and cancer-research concepts to students at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and teaching English to non-native speakers. Josh has that unique combination of subject-matter expertise and extraordinary patience.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, math tutoring, chemistry tutoring, biology tutoring, physics tutoring.

Josh has trained junior researchers and has demonstrated patience and an ability to explain complex processes very well. I strongly recommend him as a tutor.

~N.S., MD

Josh recognizes that meaningful tutoring goes beyond pure instruction. He successfully infuses patience and enthusiasm with a one-to-one mentoring role.



Daren has a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the Ohio State University. Daren has extensive professional experience as a software developer for IBM and as a computer science instructor for OSU. Daren has consistently received glowing feedback from his students and colleagues no matter the educational setting—from tutoring one-on-one, to managing a course section of 80 students and four assistants.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring; math tutoring; AP Calculus tutoring; chemistry, physics, and science tutoring.

Daren taught an undergraduate entry-level business course designed to teach both computer and problem solving skills. (Spreadsheets and Database Applications) He was an excellent TA and instructor. He was responsible for teaching and managing a classroom of 40 students. With students from a variety of academic backgrounds, it is very important to convey the subject matter through common examples. Daren was able to do this in an effective and thorough manner.


Daren was quickly able to master the material and then effectively teach learners on a one-on-one basis to work through the problem solving stratagem. As a result of Daren’s excellent ratings in the CSE200 course, he was given his own classroom to teach a section of CSE101. Again, Daren’s received outstanding student evaluations. More importantly, his sections consistently performed significantly above average on the standardized midterm and final exams! Daren has excellent communication skills and understands how to lead students through the learning process. I highly recommend Daren.



Julia has a B.S. in Zoology from the Ohio State University. Julia developed her teaching craft through several years of leading educational workshops at the Columbus, Ohio and Tampa, Florida Zoos, in addition to her work in central Ohio classrooms. Julia is a patient, nurturing mentor whose love for learning is contagious.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring; math tutoring; biology tutoring; science tutoring; writing tutoring.

Julia is extremely passionate about educating others and it really shows in her teaching. She excels at adjusting her teaching methods and explanations to fit the student's needs while also creating a fun learning environment.


Julia is a dynamic instructor who is able to connect and relate with students in a unique way. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help. Julia's hardworking nature is evident in every session. I strongly recommend Julia to any student looking to advance their knowledge and study skills!



Sunny is currently a senior majoring in electrical engineering at Princeton University; he is available for in-person tutoring in Columbus area through February of 2017, and online tutoring thereafter. Sunny’s scores on the SAT (2330) and ACT (35) are impressive, but not nearly as remarkable as his natural gift at creating analogies inspired by his students’ interests to explain challenging problems. Sunny’s students have successfully earned admission to schools like Yale, Princeton, and Washington University.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, SAT tutoring, math tutoring, science tutoring, college essay help.

Sunny is an exceptional individual—conscientious, caring, and has great facility with others. He has the sensitivity and the depth of knowledge to add tremendous value to all of those he interacts with.


Sunny has a wonderful disposition. He never fails to volunteer to help. He has an instinctive intuition about what needs to get done. He is delightful and I am very pleased to give my highest recommendation on his behalf.



Chris has over a decade of experience in higher educational technical management. Chris represents the rare combination of someone with scientific knowledge (degrees in computer science, engineering and mathematics) who is able to patiently and clearly explain complex computer processes to people who are intimidated by technology. Chris brings these same skills to his tutoring and, combined with his friendly and welcoming personality, reaches students where they are with the information they need.

Special areas of interest: ACT tutoring, computer science tutoring, math tutoring, resume and cover letter review.

Chris is very attentive and great at explaining things in detail. He is also great at verbal and written communication, which helps to get his knowledge across to people in simple terms – I value this most. When combined with his positive demeanor, Chris is a very good tutor indeed! I highly recommend him.


Chris displays strong interpersonal skills through the ability to gain trust and respect of others while being conscious of people’s needs and feelings. He has the ability to adapt quickly to different people and situations, which aids in the success of his message delivery.

~Ohio State University Staff Member